Code: COLT-60021989

Cavitation is the heart of Ultrasonic Cleaning technology. This occurs as millions of bubbles, generated from high-frequency soundwaves, form and burst continuously in the liquid. When the bubbles collapse, energy is released in the form of heat and pressure waves, thus breaking down the bonds that hold heavy debris on your instruments. The combination of tiny pressure waves created by cavitation and enhanced by specially formulated solutions reach deep into minute crevices, removing gross and microscopic debris. With built-in technology such as the frequency sweep function for uniform cleaning and in-built circuitry to protect against over-temperature or empty tank operation, the BioSonic UC150 ensures safe and reliable device operation committed to your daily infection control needs.

• Can be used as a countertop or recessed unit
• Offers customizable operation

• Data logging capability
• Fits multiple cassettes at once
• Heater function CONVENIENCE
• Quiet operation
• Glove-friendly touchscreen
• Quick draining with externally accessible drain

Small footprint to maximize counter space
Overall Dimensions: 34.5 × 27.6 × 35.5 cm
Tank Dimensions: 28.7 × 16.0 × 17.8 cm
Large capacity to holds up to 4 medium cassettes
Tank Capacity: 6.6 L
Use Capacity: 5.7 L
UC150 - 63 dB
Effective ultrasonic cavitation and cleaning
Max Power Output of 160W (w/o heater) & 440W - 560 W (w/ heater)
Warranty:2 Years